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ENC 4905: Directed Independent Study in Rhetoric and Writing

Directed Independent Study in Rhetoric and Writing is designed for the advanced student who wants to pursue in depth an area of study not provided in regularly offered courses. A course of study can involve independent readings or Independent projects under faculty guidance.

The student’s goal should be to expand mastery in a specialized area of rhetoric and writing. Students usually have a topic in mind, and it is best to match the student’s topical interests with the professor’s area of expertise in order to maximize the benefit of the project to the student. Together the student and the professor will determine the specific course activities and requirements leading to the final project.


In ENC 4905, students will

  • Explore in depth a rhetoric or writing topic beyond the current University Writing Program course offerings.
  • Integrate the research of rhetoric or writing scholars into their project.
  • Demonstrate the use of critical thinking skills through written or oral communication.