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ENC 5319: Scholarly Writing for Publication

The academic arena is placing greater and greater pressure on graduate students to enter into academic debates as publishing scholars. So it is especially important that students understand the expectations that shape scholarly writing in their various disciplines. Being able to employ the correct forms, to interpret and synthesize the literature, and to present their research to various audiences will help position graduate students in a competitive job market or academic career.

During this course, graduate students learn how to transform research into publishable articles, drafting, editing, and revising their work with the guidance of instructor feedback and peer review. With sufficient data, students can produce an article ready for submission to a scholarly journal over the course of the semester.


In ENC 5319, students will learn to

  •  Plan, draft, revise, and edit articles for publication in scholarly journals
  •  Adapt writing to different audiences, purposes, and contexts
  •  Synthesize and report on the scholarly literature in the field
  •  Write in a clear, coherent, and direct style appropriate for peer-reviewed journals
  •  Understand and employ the various forms of scholarly writing, including proposals, research reports, and professional correspondence
  •  Avoid plagiarism