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ENG 1001: Modes of Inquiry

ENG 1001 is a course designed to help students develop basic college-level writing skills. Through intensive writing workshops and focus on revision practices, students will become confident readers and writers. As such, students will read extensively, engage in group discussions, write frequently, and share that writing with peers. Specific attention to paragraphs, entire essays, and sentence-level concerns will provide a framework for students to become conscientious writers and thinkers. Reading materials will include traditional sources such as the textbook, and students will examine other texts—in popular culture, advertisements, and websites.

Course Structure

ENG 1001 is designed to prepare students for academic writing. Through increasingly more difficult subject matter and expectations, students write and revise extensively. During the class, students write expository essays that work from the students’ own knowledge of subjects and compare that knowledge and opinion to that of essayists and professionals. Students then write essays that respond to specific issues. Within this framework, students build the skills of writing clear theses, producing well-developed and supported paragraphs, and using standard conventions of English. The culmination of the course is a writing portfolio that displays the student’s development during the semester.

Course Objectives and Outcomes

By the end of ENG 1001, students will be able to:

  • organize and develop ideas in writing
  • summarize, paraphrase, quote from, and analyze written sources
  • incorporate ideas and language from source materials into academic essays
  • effectively respond to and provide feedback on peer writing
  • write and revise multiple drafts
  • avoid plagiarism
  • produce skillful in-class writing
  • write clear, grammatically correct sentences