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Arrange a Classroom Visit

Can a tutor visit my classroom?

Instructors can visit classrooms to provide a brief overview of the Writing Studio’s services and resources, or provide a 20-50 minute classroom workshop on a topic of your choosing. Example workshop topics include improving organization, revision and proofreading tips, citing sources and avoiding plagiarism, writing concisely, using active sentence structures, etc.

Use the form below to request a classroom visit. Please allow two weeks for the scheduling and preparation of a classroom workshop, though we’ll try to move more quickly when possible.

  • List your 1st choice, 2nd choice, and 3rd choice of dates you would like us to visit.
  • Tell us more about any specific issues/examples that you'd like our instructors to cover, or any other details about your request: How long would you like the session to last? If you'd like a partial-period presentation only, would you like our instructor to speak at the beginning of class or the end?