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Do I need to make an appointment?

For writing assistance, we strongly suggest that you make an appointment in advance to be sure that you are seen promptly. During slower times, you may be able to stop by and get seen as a walk-in; however, walk-ins are never guaranteed to see a tutor, and during busy times — midterms and approaching finals — students are rarely able to get in and see a tutor on a walk-in basis. Again, please make an appointment, and check our schedule often, because when an appointment is canceled, that time slot re-appears on our schedule.  We are open during daytime hours in 2215 Turlington , and on some evenings in 339 Library West.  Click here to schedule an appointment.  If you need to speak with us, our office phone is 846-1138.

What should I bring to my session?

Bring a hard copy of your draft and any other relevant materials,instructor’s comments, assignment guidelines, notes, etc. Please note that our printers are not available for student use.

Who visits the UWS?

Graduate and undergraduate students in a variety of disciplines come to the UWS to receive assistance with their writing. It’s a myth that writing centers are for bad writers; the UWC is a place for all writers!

When should I visit the UWS?

As soon as possible! Don’t come in the day before an assignment is due; let us assist you as you draft, from brainstorming to revising.

Can I drop my paper off for proofreading?

UWS tutors work with students face-to-face to help them improve their writing. We don’t allow students to drop off assignments because only you can write or improve your paper!

How often can I visit the UWS?

To allow you time to reflect on tutor feedback and make changes to your writing, we limit students to one session per day, and two sessions per week.

How long will a session take?

Sessions run for 30 minutes, and begin at the top and bottom of every hour. If you are working on a long document or have multiple, complicated writing issues and questions with which you would like help, you can schedule multiple sessions with your tutor. However, remember that students can only have one session per day, and two per week.

Do you offer online writing help?

We have created short videos on various writing topics (under “Video Resources”), and we also offer individual, online tutoring appointments in the fall and spring semesters.   Go to our tutortrac appointment page and choose “Online Writing Tutor” for an online appointment.

Will visiting the UWS help me earn an A on my paper?

The purpose of the UWS is to help make you a better writer, not just to write a better paper. Because writing improvement takes time, we cannot promise that you will receive an A on your assignment, but we can promise that with practice you will become a better writer.