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Grammar Assessment Through Online Resources Videos

Why haven’t you learned these rules yet?  You can do it — we’ve made it simple.  Choose a link (or two) from the menu below, and deal with your grammar issues once and for all.

Video Description
Comma Series:     Phrases and Clauses What’s the difference between a phrase and a clause?  How does confusing the two cause grammar errors?  Part one of our three-part Comma Series.
Comma Series: Dependent v. Independent Clauses Independent seems obvious, but what makes a clause dependent?  And why should we care?  Part two of our three-part Comma Series.
Comma Series:      Joining Clauses Avoid run-on sentences, fragments, and comma splices.  Part three of our three-part Comma Series.
Punctuation and Quotation Marks Does the question mark go inside or outside of the quotation marks?  Master this and other rules of punctuation once and for all.
Commonly Confused Words Avoid common errors that irritate your professors (happy professors equal higher scores).
Passive vs. Active        (Part 1) What makes a sentence active?  Part one of a two-part series.
Passive vs. Active        (Part 2) When is the passive acceptable?  Part two of a two-part series.
Adjectives and Adverbs Master modifiers and the rules that govern them.
Who vs. Whom Is whom ever acceptable?  In fact, it is.  Master this once and for all.
Pronouns Click here and forever avoid errors in pronoun case, reference and agreement.