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Grammar Assessment Through Online Resources Videos

These videos deal with strategies to write successful papers.  Unlike the sentence-level issues covered in the grammar videos, these videos will focus on paper-level concerns.

Video Description Documents
 Citing Sources & Avoiding Plagiarism  This video covers plagiarism, but focuses on how you can best cite sources – including paraphrasing and choosing direct quotes effectively – to improve your use of research, and simultaneously make plagiarism a non-issue.  Avoiding Plagiarism Docs
 Introductions & Conclusions  This video focuses on two parts of papers that cause many students problems, with advice on how – and when! — to write them most effectively.
 Organizational Plans & Sentence Outlines  This video introduces you to four organizational plans or templates – along with some sample student papers using them – that you can use to shape your persuasive papers. Organizational Plans Docs
 Paragraphing: Head, Body, & Foot  This video gives you an overview of solid paragraph structure, with an eye toward making sure that all of your paragraphs are well-constructed, and serve a distinct purpose in the progress of your argument.
 Providing Support with Evidence 1/3  In this video, we will help you master the basics of supporting the persuasive claims you make with convincing evidence from the text and your own research.  Providing support docs
 Providing Support with Evidence 2/3  This video contains a mini-lesson on avoiding plagiarism as you find and use research to support your claims. (If you’d like a more thorough discussion of how to avoid plagiarism, watch our “Citing Sources & Avoiding Plagiarism” stand-alone video.)
 Providing Support with Evidence 3/3  This video introduces you to the STAR process of evaluation used to prove a claim, and applies that process to some sample student papers to demonstrate how you can use it.
 ‘Cheat’ Sheets  This video offers a short introduction to creating effective, summarizing notes on any topic