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Advising Students about Writing Courses

Three courses are offered in the First-Year Writing series:

  • ENG 1001: Modes of Inquiry focuses on building writing skills in a workshop environment. Second-language students may take the designated section that addresses specific second-language concerns.
  • ENC 1101: Writing Academic Arguments is an argument focused course. Students learn the principles of rhetoric, develop writing in stages, and read critically.
  • ENC 1102: Rhetoric and Academic Research is a research-writing course. Students learn the skills of summary and analysis, synthesis, and write using sources to support their claims.

For help selecting one of these three courses, see this guide:

In the second year, for students who have completed first-year writing through examination or who wish to have more writing experience, the writing program offers a critical writing course:

In the third year, students can take a discipline specific writing course or a professional communication course to prepare them for writing in their own fields and post-graduation:

  • ENC 3xxx  classes focus on the technical and stylistic conventions of specific disciplines (such as engineering, humanities, wildlife biology, health, and law) and cover major elements of organizational communication with emphasis on composition of typical genres in the discipline like reports, proposals, letters and memos, manuals, graduate school application essays, and oral presentations. Individual sections focus on writing in a single area.

NOTE about ENC 3254: Each section has a different focus, designated by the title listed in “section title” in the ONE.UF system. You need to look at the line under the Class Number (section number) to determine the correct section of ENC 3254 for you. Some classes are deparmentally controlled because they are part of a major’s requirement.

Screenshot of the ONE.UF Schedule of Courses listing of ENC3254 with arrows pointing to the Section Titles that tells which discipline the section covers.

For descriptions of all UWP courses and current syllabi, see Writing Courses at UF.