First-Year Writing

First-Year Writing at UF consists of three courses: ENG 1001: Modes of Inquiry, ENC 1101: Writing Academic Arguments, and ENC 1102: Rhetoric and Academic Research.

  • ENG 1001 introduces students to college-level writing in a workshop environment. Students write multiple drafts of their work and present a portfolio at the end of the semester that demonstrates their progress as writers.
  • ENC 1101 focuses on writing arguments appropriate to the academic arena, developing critical thinking through reading, developing writing processes through multiple drafts, and building discussion techniques through classroom practice.
  • Finally, within the framework of argumentative research writing, ENC 1102 familiarizes students with techniques of research and writing for an academic audience. Students develop the skills of summary, analysis, synthesis, and research within the scope of discipline-specific modes of communicating research.